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Welcome to Game Control, the guilt-free gaming app. Everyone has a hobby they enjoy, it’s just the matter of balancing it out so it doesn’t take over the important things in your life. This app will help you organize your priorities while gaining you points so you can game without feeling guilty. It helps you improve your life by rewarding yourself by doing what’s important first.

Rather than uninstalling and then having to reinstall, this program will help you stay on important tasks and get what you need to be done, so you can reward yourself with gaming. Controlled mode uses Bluetooth to sync with your computer to block access to gaming programs such as steam, as well as game programs itself. Will Power mode doesn’t require synchronization, but the times are set by you. This mode trains yourself to trust yourself in being honest, testing your own will power. Test your own will power by managing and setting the timer and points manually.

Let's Discuss Video Games The stigma of gaming

The purpose of this project is to study video gamers to find out how gaming affects their behavior in order to help understand if video games truly cause negative behavior. Video games are often the blame for violence, and negative behavior in children and youths. It can be easy for a child to absorb video games because of their developing mind, but for an adult can it influence bad behavior? There is no evidence that it does impact gamers negatively, so we should consider how the gamers feel about their own habits and behavior. Surveys handed to random people that gamed or did not game at all helped understand how gamers felt about their gaming habits. It was found that gaming did have positive impacts on gamers’ lives, but did show signs of procrastination. Gamers’ can learn valuable real life skills from games they play, but only if they balanced gaming with their outside life. Not only did the literature review find evidence of this, but the surveys conducted show this. Gamers and non-gamers both agreed on positive and negative effects of gaming. When gamers were described, negative aspects involved procrastination and poor time management. It could not be defined if aggressive behavior was cause by video games, but it showed that a balance was needed in order to have a healthy positive life.

Research & Methodology What's the right information?

Video gaming is often seen as negative in the public eye. It is often seen as a waste of time, and a useless hobby to most. Does video gaming promote aggressive behavior, does it cause all negative aspects or does it have some good? This will help break the barrier that all gaming is bad for you. It will try to encourage gaming and take the guilt away from gamers. It’s easily blamed for violence in the world today. One could argue that video games can help people gain valuable skills. Play time is needed in daily lives and if gaming is frowned upon how will people turn to it as an escape to real life. It could promote aggressive behavior, but the positive effect of gaming has to be seen as well. The solution is to see gaming as a positive habit and not as a waste of time. It can be beneficial when thought of the right way. It can cause people to learn different skills that could be used in the work place. This will help break the barrier that all gaming is bad for you.

To further look into the question of whether games create aggressive behavior, Surveys were created and randomly distributed around York campus and around student housing. The age group that was surveyed was ages 16-27 years old. The question is intended for young adults, who were still in school or graduated and working. 25 people filled out the survey. It was intended to have an equal amount of gamers to non-gamers, but the survey ended up being divided by 17 gamers and 8 non-gamers. Question will ask none gamers and gamers to judge their gamer friends, while all applicants will describe themselves. This is to see if there is a pattern in descriptions.

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Research Results What led me to create Game Control

This app was created as a result of surveys performed to understand gamers’ behaviors and people’s perception of them. Through the research, the general consensus was that gaming was seen as a waste of time. Loved ones of gamers felt that the gamers’ lives were being negatively affected by gaming. Gamers felt guilt from playing, but also wanted to keep gaming in their lives as it made them happy and acted as stress-relief.

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As a part of my research study I collected answers to understand video gamers' behaviors and habits. Thought the survey it was evident that most people felt that gaming cause negative behavior and habits. Though negative impacts were the more prominent, there were also positive things said about gaming. If gaming and Priorities in life were balanced, gamers could enjoy gaming and feel rewarded, instead of uninstalling or completely cutting off what they enjoy.

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Challenges with the app were mainly in the system. The system had to be thoroughly developed because rules had to be set in order for it to help balance the gamer’s life. It was originally a complicated system, so some rules had to be simplified. This makes it easier for the user to use the device without becoming frustrated. The user experience was the most important aspect in creating the app.

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The design of the app is inspired by hardcore games. It has a futuristic theme while maintaining simplicity so that it is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. The app’s transitions are akin to those in futuristic computer systems. This keeps the user interested and gives the feel that it’s related to their gaming interests. Since the users are gamers, it app has a gaming-related features and design concepts. There is an achievement which is commonly seen in many of today’s modern games.

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