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Sprout The app that grows with you

The app will be designed to be discrete; as the users probably wouldn’t want their male friends to see it. The app will change and update as the user ages, once they download it and enter their birth date, the app will know always know how old the user is and will adapt its information based on that information and the users input. It is a personal app used to learn about yourself and your body as you age.

The Problem Sex in middle school education is a taboo subject


Carmen is 11 years old and at the stage where she is going through puberty. She is currently in grade 6 and has just gotten her period for the first time. She doesn’t have any older sisters to talk to and feels uncomfortable talking to her parents about it. None of her friends have gotten their period yet so she feels like she can’t talk to them either. She talked to her counsellor at school and she told her about this new app she should download called Sprout.

Our Personas TWEENS: Girls aged 10-12 years old


Females who are starting to go through puberty, who have no one to talk to about what is happening to their body or who don’t feel comfortable talking with a parent or older sibling. tween girls will download the app around the time they are going through puberty, but instead of them growing out of the app, the app will change based on the stages the female is at. Once the tween hits the teenager stage, the app will focus on health/wellness aspects of teenages, and then young adults. psychological differences: tweens are uneducated on puberty, thus this app will help them learn about what is happening with their body and how to deal with it. They app will also be free because tweens don’t have much of an income. They will be able to learn about the app through their school health program; this sets the parents at ease because they know they can trust the information that the app is giving to their child

The Solution The app every girl needs


The app will provide information on the health needs of the female based on their age. When the app is downloaded, the user will have to input their birth date and the app will sync with the users age and adjust as they grow older. For example, when the user is a tween, the app will give information on their menstrual cycle and what to expect. It will also sync to your calendar, where you can keep track of your menstrual cycle and give you alerts as to when you should expect your next period (because tweens are so young and not use to keeping track of these things, this app will help them remember and learn). When the user hits that teenager stage, the app will update and focus on sex education and giving information on safe sex, STD’s, and other necessary health information.

Wireframing and Prototyping Testing it with our user

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SproutThe app that grows with you