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Dynamic Event Library IBM UBX Global Event Type Taxonomy

You can use the UBX Dynamic Event Library to examine the event types that UBX supports. You can also use the library to determine which UBX partners publish or subscribe to specific event types. The library’s user interface provides simple controls that guide you through the extensive UBX taxonomy of event types, publishers, and subscribers. Because the Dynamic Event Library is based on the latest information from UBX and the IBM Business Partners that have integrated with UBX, the Dynamic Event Library is always up to date.

The Problem Filling out event types and attributes manually

The Integration Manager was created for solution integrators that needed to get their product or business listed on the register endpoint list. In order to do this they much go through the integration manager and fill out the requirements for their application. During the process which was mentioned, we found that there was a lot of human error when filling out the event types for their applications. Each time we had solved an issue by created an interface for the problem, we ended up finding deeper problems. In of our integration problems involved human error so none of the problems we encountered was expected. When we spoke to users they knew the information that needed to be filled so we assumed it would work. However we found a lot of users still had trouble entering data accurately. A pick list of different event types seemed like a simple solution but there are so many different instances of event types there still needed a way to customize them. Event types also come with different attributes appended to them depending on the event type. We wanted it to be clear that we recommended certain attributes however if they wanted to they could create custom attributes.

Our SolutionThe Dynamic Event Library


Solution integrators are now able to pick event types through the Global Event Type Taxonomy, but they didn’t know which products or business partners supported them. This meant that if they created the event type and assumed it was supported, they would lose data. We went ahead and started a concept for a Dynamic Event Library to pair with the Global Event Type Taxonomy. The Dynamic event library would be public and accessible to anyone so that users know the supported event types and attributes. This will help users understand what event types and attributes are supported by which products and partners. Without this list users attempted to connect event types that was not supported and caused a lot of lost data and confusion. We created a similar structure to the Global Event Type Taxonomy, but this time we included additional information about products and partners. This was great received as a complete package but the results was dude to many tests and customer feedback.

The Dynamic Event Library UI mockups


The Dynamic Event Library Implemented public UI